Bali Vintage Natural 'Inten Dewata' - 12oz

Bali Vintage Natural 'Inten Dewata' - 12oz

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Region: Kilimantan

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1200-1500m

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Strawberry, Cocoa

A highland coffee grown in the shadow of an active volcano, Mount Batur, and throughout the Bangli district, our Bali coffee is unique for the island. Most coffee in Bali is wet-milled, but our Inten Dewata are naturally processed coffees that exhibit a wide range of flavors among lots, from fruit-forward to the more earthy and heavy bodied cacao. Although the Dutch began planting coffee in Indonesia 300 years ago, they didn’t get around to planting coffee on Bali until the early 20th century. This relatively late arrival meant wet processing was the norm rather than natural processing, which remains dominant throughout Indonesia even today. Our “vintage” Bali hearkens back to the days when all the coffee on nearby Java and Sumatra was dry-processed. Balinese farmers practice an ancient approach to sustainable agriculture called “Subak Abian,” which dates back a thousand years and originally referred to an irrigation system for rice. Today, Subak is used more broadly to refer to agriculture as an integrated micro-climate, which not only includes animals, but harmony with other farmers as well. (Per our wonderful partners over at Olam Specialty Importers)