The Supreme Bean - Mad Priest Coffee

The Supreme Bean

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 A 1616 Collaboration with Cxffeeblack

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Smooth and delicious

"pink lemonade on a sunny day / strawberry milkshake that'll keep the blues away / where we end up on on this path of life whose to say / we only got one chance to get it right so choose today" 
-The Supreme Bean

The Supreme Bean - Mad Priest Coffee
The Supreme Bean - Mad Priest Coffee

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ORIGIN: Humure Washing Station, Gatsibo District, Eastern Province, Rwanda

STATION OWNER/EXPORTER: Baho Coffee / Emmanuel Rusatira

ALTITUDE: 1550 - 1835 masl

VARIETY: Red Bourbon


FLAVOR NOTES: Pink lemonade, strawberry milkshake 

We are so excited to bring you this delicious Rwandan natural processed coffee from Baho Coffee, a family run specialty coffee export company that does impressive social work alongside running their six washing stations. After almost 20 years managing washing stations for a large export company, Emmanuel Rusatira and his family decided to branch out and start their own business, Baho Coffee. They developed their own grading system and are continuously producing extremely clean natural and honey processed coffees, while also pushing the experimental boundaries of the fermentation process. 

Baho is also very proactive with education and outreach, working with producers distributing seedlings, educating on growing and picking, giving loans and more. Outreach to producers is mostly by way of Farmer Field Schools where they learn about selective picking, soil conservation, water protection, waste management, and more. The Humure Washing Station, currently the largest station that Emmanuel owns, is managed entirely by women as serves as the epitome of Baho’s investment in gender equity in Rwandese coffee.


Cxffeeblack is primarily an entrepreneurial venture with specific social implications, started by Bartholomew Jones and Renata Henderson to reclaim the black history of coffee and remain its black future. Find out more at 


It’s said the cxffee plant was first stolen from Africa at the Port of Mocha in 1616 by two Dutch spies. Though the Dutch ultimately failed to cultivate their stolen goods, they did spark a global colonization effort built on the back of black and indigenous slave labor. The coffee plant, a plant discovered by Africans and stolen by European Colonial powers, has grown into a 200 Billion dollar industry. Meanwhile the African diaspora still suffers from the effects of colonialism and slavery. The 1616 collaboration series seeks to honor the African and indigenous peoples who cultivated coffee culture then and now, by bringing it to you across cultures as God intended, with no sugar, and no cream. -- cxffeeblack