Myanmar // A Lei Chaung // Natural - 12oz

Myanmar // A Lei Chaung // Natural - 12oz

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Region: A Lei Chaung, Myanmar

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1230 masl

Varietal: Catuai

Flavor Notes: Rosewater, White Grape, Honey

This country and region has taken the world be storm since its debut specialty harvest in 2017. Although coffee was introduced to the land as early as 1885, the crop remained next to dormant due to the sorrows of civil war and famine. With the help of companies like Olam Coffee and Atlas Coffee Importers, who have recently invested significantly in the country’s coffee infrastructure, the coffee and people of Myanmar are breaking the dawn of a new era. 

Boasting flavors of rosewater, white grape and honey, this natural catuai is likely to be one of your favorites, for reasons beyond the hands and stories behind it.

We’ve been with them since the first harvest, and are honored to be part of their ongoing narrative.