Roberto Siguenza // El Salvador // Finca Santa Isabel - 12oz

Roberto Siguenza // El Salvador // Finca Santa Isabel - 12oz

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Farmer: Roberto Siguenza (Finca Santa Isabel)

Region: La Libertad, El Salvador

Process: Semi-washed

Altitude: 1400 masl

Varietal: Bourbon

Flavor Notes: Honey, Raisin, Tobacco

Roberto Siguenza is the third generation of coffee in his family, which has been producing coffee for around 90 years. Roberto has coffee in his veins. Since he was born, he has been working at the family farms. He inherited the farm from his previous generation family, and now he plans to continue working on the family business for as long as possible. Coffee has become his passion and motivation to continue with what his family has started and created throughout the years. (From our importers)


This semi-washed bourbon will not disappoint: the sweetness of honey and the depth of tobacco, with a faint raisin presence, grown with patience at 1400 meters above sea level.