CRAFT excellent coffee.


Here at Mad Priest Coffee, we first and foremost care about creating an excellent product. We have a very high standard of what coffee we source—the highest quality beans bought through the best specialty coffee importers, grown at the most responsible farms on the planet. And then we roast the bean specifically to what brings out the best flavor characteristics of that bean. We believe that coffee isn’t just about a hard little bean, it’s about the whole process. It’s about everything from the seed to the cup, all beginning with the development of the farmers paid a fair wage and empowered to learn sustainable farming techniques. And we want to involve you, the customer, in every part of that.

EDUCATE the curious.

Mad Priest is serious about education on two levels. First, we are passionate to educate the curious on the art and science of coffee…where it comes from, how it’s roasted, what you need to brew it properly. Though coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world, most people still think of coffee as Nescafe and Maxwell House. We want to change that, making the best coffee accessible and desirable to all!

Second, we as a company aim to speak out and shed light on injustice and humanitarian crises around the world. News these days is anything but unbiased, and it can be hard to connect with these issues and people when you’ve never been to their countries. Like our Facebook page to have your eyes opened and your heart engaged with what’s going on around the world!

CHAMPION the displaced.

On a practical level, we champion the displaced primarily by partnering with Bridge Refugee Services and employing refugees resettled here in Chattanooga. If they love coffee and want to stay in this industry, they’ll move up in our company. If their passion is elsewhere, we’ll partner with nonprofits and other businesses to help them develop their career in any direction they choose. In the meantime, they’ll help us roast and package and sell incredible coffee.