First and foremost, Mad Priest Coffee is a roastery dedicated to creating an excellent product. But what sets us apart in the industry with so many roasters popping up on every corner these days? Our credentials--a combined 7+ years of coffee roasting experience, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) roasting and buying certifications, and multiple coffee awards--speak for themselves. And we are constantly honing our craft through SCA conventions, classes, and competitions in the national coffee industry.

We source the highest quality coffee beans through the best specialty importers, from some of the most responsible farms around the world. And then we roast each coffee specifically to what brings out the best flavor characteristics of that bean. We love being part of the coffee industry where success isn’t just about a hard little bean, it’s about the global community.  Every part of the process from the farm to the roaster is crucial to an excellent cup of coffee. And good coffee begins with the development of the farmers paid a fair wage and empowered to learn sustainable farming techniques. And we want to involve you, the consumer, in every part of that.


We believe it’s crucial that you know where your coffee comes from, how it’s roasted, and what you need to brew it to get the best cup possible. Maxwell House and Starbucks are still considered “good coffee” to the average American consumer, but thanks to the growing specialty coffee industry, that is slowly changing. The problem with some specialty coffee folks, though, is a bit of an exclusive, snobbish edge. In our humble opinion, the best quality coffee should be accessible and desirable to all, from soccer moms to business professionals to hipsters to grandparents. So if you stop by our roastery, no question is too silly or too hard for Luke or Michael to answer. Whether you want to talk about the intricate science of roasting or the art of daily brewing, we would love to chat!

Yes, we are serious about educating our customers on the art and science of coffee but we also strive to shed light on the humanitarian and refugee crises around the world. Interestingly enough, many of the coffee growing regions of the world are also places of past or present conflict and displacement. We’ve been to some of these places, and personally know people who have lived through the hell. But it can be hard to connect with these issues and people when you’ve never been to their countries. So we try to share specific stories of pain and hope from the front lines of war, refugee camps, and those lucky enough to start over in a new country. If you want to join in on the learning, follow us on facebook, or subscribe to our email list (info@madpriestcoffee.com).


Ok so you know we care about refugees and immigrants, but what does that mean on a practical level? One way that we champion the displaced is by partnering with Bridge Refugee Services to work with refugees resettled here in Chattanooga. We’ve hired two to work at our roastery so far, and have developed a curriculum to train them in English, customer service, and other hard and soft skills.

But even more than just hiring refugees, we want to cultivate culture and celebrate diversity in Chattanooga on a broader scale. Soon after opening our roastery, we started hosting events that enable folks to experience the world and its beautiful tapestry of food, culture, and tradition right in their own backyard. Follow our new space, The Mad Priest, to stay up to date on upcoming cultural events!