Java // Garut // Semi-washed - 12oz

Java // Garut // Semi-washed - 12oz

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Region: Garut, West Java

Process: Semi-washed

Altitude: 1300-1500masl

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Apricot, Banana Bread

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia got its start in West Java in 1696. Java is home to more large estates than other Indonesian islands but still has a large number of smallholder farmers. Most of the coffee is produced in the east around the Ljen volcano but there are very high-quality coffees grown on the west side of the island. Coffees from Java are known for their earthy, vegetal and savory taste. These notes are a result of the climate, typical varieties, and processing in Indonesia. This year, Balzac Brothers sourced a lot from Garut, West Java that fits the traditional Javanese cup profile and also has notes of banana bread, malt, chocolate, and apricot.