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Laos Nongsamphan 100% Typica - 12oz

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Laos, primarily known for their Robusta coffee, has had a rough past with frosts and rust diseases. But a resurgence of Arabica beans and a push to infiltrate the specialty market has allowed crops like this one to make their mark! 

100% washed Typica from Nongsamphan. Grown at 1100-1250masl, you'll taste a strong rhubarb overtone with a dry green tea finish. An interesting brightness and a full earthy body makes this coffee worth trying!

Laos has seen an incredible amount of upheaval and destruction since its independence from the French in 1954. The Laotian Civil War (the Communist Pathet Lao versus the Royal Lao Government) raged alongside the Vietnam War for many years, and by the end in 1975, around 25 percent of the population of Laos was displaced from their homes. Then the victorious Communist party cracked down on all dissention, and over the next two decades 360,000 Laotians (about 10% of the population) were forced to flee across the treacherous Mekong River to Thailand, from there resettling mostly in the US and France.

In the 1920s, the French first introduced coffee to the fertile Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos, but the decades of continual violence obviously took a toll. Most notably, American B-52s relentlessly bombed sections of the Ho Chi Minh Trail that snuck into the Laotian jungle, killed an untold number of civilians and contaminated many coffee fields with craters and unexploded ordinances. But since 1992, when the Communist regime began to soften its stance, there has been a quiet rebirth of coffee as farmers have returned and the region's wounded fields are once again producing world-class beans.