Peru // Cajamarca El Guayacan // Washed - 12oz

Peru // Cajamarca El Guayacan // Washed - 12oz

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**Summer Special**

Region: Cajamarca, El Guayacan Collectivo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700-2200masl

Flavor Notes: Molasses, Caramel, Raisin

From our Importer Caravela:

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Aprocassi (Aprocassi) is composed of over 400
small-scale coee growers. A relatively young cooperative, Aprocassi was founded in
2000 as a coee cooperative and in 2010 created a financing arm, Aprocredit, to help their associates cover unexpected costs or invest in farm improvements. Their entrepreneurial vision has motivated them seek out specialty markets for their coee, and to implement the practice of cupping individual producer lots to find the best quality. Aprocassi operates two buying warehouses in northern Cajamarca where we work with them to select top lots, one in the logistic hub of Jaén and the other in their original home town of San Ignacio. The location of the their two buying warehouses allows Aprocassi to capture fresh coees from the many micro-climates surrounding Jaén and San Ignacio, leading to a complex cup profile that includes deep chocolate notes with a sparkling acidity.
This year our PECA team is partnering with the technical team at Aprocassi to develop a long-term sustainability strategy, to zonify specialty production areas, and to foster community support groups for young members and for female producers. We are excited to work with Aprocassi because they are committed to investing in their farmers, improving quality, and in developing a sustainable and noble standard of living for their members.