Rwanda // Humure Washing Station // Natural - 12oz

Rwanda // Humure Washing Station // Natural - 12oz

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Region: Gatsibo District, Eastern Province

Process: Natural

Altitude: (Station): 1625 masl // (Farms): 1550 - 1835 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon

Flavor Notes: Tangy, Pineapple, Yogurt, Papaya

Humure, named after the highest hill in the area, is located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. It was newly constructed in 2017, and Emmanuel purchased the station in 2018 after watching it be very poorly managed. He has significantly invested in infrastructure - new fermentation tanks, new washing channels, and larger storage units - thus, the production capacity has increased by nearly 20 times in the past two years. Humure is currently the largest station that Emmanuel owns - producing just over 4 containers (1300+ 60kg bags) annually and employing 220 people during the peak of the season. The station is managed entirely by women, and it serves as the epitome of Baho’s investment in gender equity in Rwandese coffee.

The aim of Humure was initially to produce high volumes of lower grade specialty coffee (80 - 85 points). Because of the slightly drier and hotter climate in this region, coffees tend to dry a few days quicker here in comparison to Baho’s other stations. We were very pleasantly surprised when tasting through day lots this year and think there’s huge potential at Humure. The natural processed lots, in particular, were some of the absolute best on the table. Emmanuel focused heavily this year on growing Baho’s seedling distribution program - 50,000 were distributed to the Humure farmers in 2019. Emmanuel has found that with his higher cherry prices, producers are becoming rapidly more interested in investing in their coffee farms and
growing future production. We will be working to develop a post harvest premium program for this group, and we’re excited to see this station raise its sights from commercial grade to specialty.