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The Original Hipster Tee

The Original Hipster Tee

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A tee to commemorate the "Original Hipsters" in Mokha, Yemen. With arguably the first cafe (ever) to open in 1554, we acknowledge the true hipsters of Yemen from the 16th century. This comfy Bella + Canvas will easily become your favorite shirt.

"Modern day Yemen was the original commercial hub of coffee cultivation and exportation most notably through the port city of Mokha. Coffee Houses erupted throughout the Ottoman Empire and beyond, with a reputation where people gathered to socialize, discuss big ideas of the day and launch revolutions.... it seems little has changed over the centuries!"

Head over to our coffee page to also add a bag of Yemen to go with your tee!

10% of all sales from this T-Shirt and Yemen coffee goes to World Relief Yemen

Designed by Mackenzie Fink, Chattanooga, TN.