Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation
Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation

Axis Mundi | Yemen | Al Obrah | Deep Fermentation

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*All Axis Mundi coffees will be roasted 1x per week every Monday and shipped out the following day!*


We’re over here bursting with delight that we get to share some of this year’s Yemenia harvest with you…thanks to our partners at Qima Coffee and the hard work of the farmers in the Al Obrah Community in Sana’a, Yemen.

The governorate of Sana’a not only has the biggest share of specialty coffee production, in both quality and quantity in Yemen but also has one of the longest continuous coffee cultures in the world. Much of the coffee consumed in Sana’a is prepared using the traditional Ibrik method, brewing coffee in a copper or silver pot over hot charcoals.

Al Obrah is a village high in the mountains in the coffee growing region of Hayma Dakhiliya. The trees grow in fertile, mineral-rich soil & have adapted to the harsh mountainous environment, continuing to produce high-quality coffee with fresh, fruity hints. It’s believed that some of the coffee trees are over 100 years old! But recently coffee trees have been struggling with disease, greatly impacting the region’s outturn of coffee cherries and overall yield.


Producer // Al Obrah Community

Region // Hayma Dakhiliya, Sana’a

Process // Deep Fermentation*

Variety // Yemenia**

Altitude // 2000masl

Flavor Notes // Apricot, Cascara, Baked Cinnamon Apples

Roast Level // Light

Price Paid Per LB // $18.14



Our new collection of the most exquisite coffees from around the world, AXIS MUNDI BY MAD PRIEST, celebrates the places where heaven meets earth in our lives. The inspiration for this series comes from the concepts of Axis Mundi rooted in many of the world's religions & cultures. Through these coffees, we turn our attention towards the broader view of the world, and the glory of humanity & divinity.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." – Jung


*What is Deep Fermentation?

A variation of the natural process, deep fermentation refers to a slow dried process in which we aim for over 30 drying days. We double the layer of cherries to imitate a semi-anaerobic drying environment. The cherries are carefully turned throughout the process. The result of the deep fermentation process is a fruit-forward coffee full of flavor. - Qima Coffee

**Haven’t heard about Yemenia?

Qima Coffee, together with scientists from Alliance for Coffee Excellence, discovered a pure Arabica “Mother Population” a few years ago, called Yemenia. It represents a new ocean of genetics with untapped potential to transform the genetic landscape of Coffea Arabica. We were part of the first global auction where Yemenia was introduced to the world in 2020 and purchased one of the top lots. Everyone literally freaked out over it…in a good way, you know. Now, a few years later, we can’t quite afford the top lots of Yemenia, but we did everything in our power to bring you some of this heavenly goodness once again!

Customer Reviews

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Bryan Carter
What a Yemen!

Super clean, complex. A treat for sure. Looking forward to more Yemeni’s through Mad Priest.

Ciya Turner

If you're thinking about trying it, DO IT

Amazing Coffee

Mad Priest you did your thing with this coffee. I look fwd to ordering more in the future.

Mark Quinonez
Great yemen coffee and great price.

Amazing coffee. Wonder how well it would taste through alchemy drying and roasting.

Flint Orr
dried apricot on the linger

What a delicious Yemeni coffee! Thanks Mad Priest!