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Yemen Mocca Sanani - 8oz

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"The Original Hipster", our limited release Yemeni coffee, is a
collaborative effort with one of our Kickstarter backers and a really
unique coffee. A natural / dried process allows for a nice herbal
complexity, with a silky body and a strong cocoa finish.

From the back of the bag...."Raise a mug or two of this Yemeni brew in
celebration of the origins of coffee culture! That’s right, modern day
Yemen was the original commercial hub of coffee cultivation and
exportation most notably through the port city of Mocha. Coffee Houses
erupted throughout the Ottoman Empire and beyond, with a reputation
where people gathered to socialize, discuss big ideas of the day and
launch revolutions.... it seems little has changed over the centuries!
The coffee you hold in your hands is a tribute to those Original
Hipsters who revolutionized the world —one cup at a time."

As a higher priced coffee, this coffee will only be roasted once a week on Tuesdays.

10% of all sales on this coffee or the Original Hipster Tee go directly to World Relief Yemen