BEST OF YEMEN LOT 15 | Abdo Yahya

Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz
Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz
Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz
Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz
Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz
Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz

Yemenia | Abdo Yahya | 4oz


Welcome to our 2nd annual Yemenia release from the Best of Yemen auction with Qima Coffee! This was Lot 15 of the auction, graded at 88 from the International Jury for the auction (which we were on!).

This particular coffee is a delicious natural Yemenia produced by Abdo Yahya in the Hayma Kharijiya region of Yemen. 

We paid $46.50/lb, and the auction as a whole did even better than last year!

This 4oz coffee comes with our branded food safe wooden box & Yemenia info sheets. Don't miss out on some of the worlds best coffee! 

**Roasted once a week on Thursday**

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Abdo Yahya - Lot 15

Abdo Yahya has been working as a coffee farmer since he was in the 7th grade after his father became ill. As the eldest brother, he took over the responsibility and became the head of the family looking to continue his father’s legacy.

Abdo’s favorite drink is coffee because it gives him the energy to work on his farm which is made up of 1,200 trees. His advice to other Yemeni farmers is to grow coffee and remember that it is the treasure of Yemen and should be a great source of pride for all Yemeni people.

In the future, he hopes to increase his coffee production and be able to cover all the needs of his father and family. He hopes that his coffee is enjoyed all over the world and one day becomes famous.

The Region of Hayma Kharijiya

Hayma Kharijiya is a coffee growing region located in the west of the Sana’a governorate. Around 85,000 people live in Hayma Kharijiya, of which at least 1,000 families grow coffee at an altitude of 1,400 to 2,400 meters above sea level. This specific coffee was sourced from an altitude of 2,300. Hayma Kharijiya is known for its mild and refreshing climate and fresh air.The main coffee growing villages in Hayma Kharijiya are Bait Alal and Aniz.

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