Epic Memes Anyone?!

Epic Memes Anyone?!

😹 In case you haven't heard why we do what we do. Here's what's on the back of our coffee bags! 


"To curious people who are sick of 

the bland, corporate, “heretical” 

coffee experience,

Mad Priest Coffee is 

the unconventional, creative, 

“sacred” coffee choice.

While we may be irreverent, 

we always take our coffee 

and our mission seriously. 

Because we are mad about injustice, 

especially societal inequality…

and bad coffee." 


That's Mad Priest in a nutshell! So, here's the unconventional creative side...

We recently made some memes to show where the humor, coffee, and religious satire overlaps. Enjoy! 


You may be asking..."What’s with all the Catholic/Christian imagery? Why the “religious satire”?

Why not? Religion is one of the biggest no nos (well, religion and politics haha) especially in the South - but we want to break the walls down, and open the door to talking about hard shit. We are coffee for everyone, NO JUDGMENT. 


As we got more creative and edgy with our brand through our all-day cafe & bar a few years ago, we started to “lean in” to the religious satire of the brand, and it was received with open arms by many! It’s super fascinating to see the feedback from people over the years. Folks from Christian backgrounds who have left the church, nominal Christians, social-justice or liberal minded Christians, and of course our friends the Episcopals all have told us that they love the brand.


We do have a clear definition of what we joke about, and we are always re-evaluating what is “crossing a line” or going too far. We realize that some folks will always be “mad” about mad priest, and offended at our use of creativity in satire. We always seek to have respectful conversation with each person if they are open to dialogue. If not, we acknowledge that our brand is not a fit for everyone, and that’s ok!



Huge thanks to Sowing Clover Photography for these gorgeous photos, and Brie, Adam, and Deb for modeling! Also, our comedian friend, Donnie Marsh, for help with the memes. Cheers! 


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