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Single-serve Steeped Coffee

Perfect for, well, every occasion.


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Colombia Microlot | Linarco Rodriguez



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We don’t want to make excellent coffee just for a select elite, race or people. We don’t believe it’s just about the story of coffee itself, the familiar pattern of  “seed to cup.” We believe it is for the masses around the world throughout history who have struggled to make a living for their families with this precious crop. 

Excellent coffee is a global movement, made up of unique, hardworking individuals from a myriad of countries and cultures.Though it might have originally been brought into their country by white colonialism, the people have adopted coffee, made it their crop, and pour their blood, sweat, and tears into making it excellent. And as coffee roasters, we are proud to be one small part of bringing excellent coffee to you.

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If you are in Chattanooga or pass through sometime soon, come see us at one of our retail locations.

Espresso Bar / 1900 Broad Street (Southside) Grab an espresso drink or a retail bag of coffee for your home in our "cozy, funky, unique" little space! Order online for curbside pickup at Broad St HERE. Espresso Bar is open M-F 7am-5pm, Sa 8am-2pm. 

Drive Thru Espresso Bar / 3399 Wilcox Blvd (East Chatt) No need to leave your car! Drive through and grab what you need for home or a pick me up. Drive Thru is open M-F 7am-2pm.

Order ahead for either location

Mad Priest Coffee

Phone: (423) 393 3834
Address: 1900 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37408