Thoughts from our High Priest...

Thoughts from our High Priest...
🤔 Thoughts from our "High Priest of Coffee" aka Owner/CEO, Michael Rice . . . 

The #GetMad Crusade was ultimately an opportunity for us to learn, and share what we are learning with our customers. We learned way more than we anticipated! But it was also overwhelming to realize how much we as humans have to do in the face of such immense injustice. We only focused on 6 issues of injustice, but each one could take over a year to research and share information on...not to mention all the issues that we didn't even cover. 

I got to meet a lot of amazing people this year, and I'm extremely encouraged by these folks doing impressive work that is truly making a difference!  A few of my favorites that I interviewed are Dr. Carl Hart (Professor, Psychologist, & Neuroscientist) and Renaldo Hudson (Formerly Incarcerated, Educator at IPP & Community Organizer). Go check out the interviews on Youtube or Spotify! 

And I was really inspired by all the books I've read. But one that sticks out is "The Broken Ladder - How Inequality Affects the Way We Think, Live, and Die" by Keith Payne. We need to learn how to view the world without the lens of our implicit biases. 

Either way, we will continue to do this important work at Mad Priest, whether it's an official campaign or not. We want to do better as humans, love our neighbors, treat everyone with dignity and respect. 
* * * 
And just so you know, we are closing out this year's Get Mad Crusade for now, but we will always post stuff about social justice...because the Mad Priest is mad-crazy with a little too much coffee and mad-righteously angry about injustice. 
Friends, now more than ever, let's continue learning to walk in empathy, pursue justice, and play our small part in creating a better, more curious world.⁠
Get Mad.
Stay Blessed. 
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