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Understanding Coffee Inequality

If you could take a journey into the roots and fruit of the coffee industry, what darkness would you find lurking in its complicated history?

At Mad Priest we are committed to sharing the real stories of the coffee industry, and we don’t shy away from hard truths from coffee’s past. Hence we decided to kick off our “Get Mad Crusade” with a deep dive into the injustice in the coffee industry. Here are some resources to learn more about coffee inequality and the struggles of the coffee industry. 

*Disclaimer: Not all views shared in these resources are exactly the views of Mad Priest Coffee*


  • A Film About Coffee 

    "A Film About Coffee" is a love letter to, and meditation on, specialty coffee. It examines what it takes, and what it means, for coffee to be defined as "specialty." The film whisks audiences on a trip around the world, from farms in Honduras and Rwanda to coffee shops in Tokyo, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and New York….This is a film that bridges gaps both intellectual and geographical, evoking flavor and pleasure, and providing both as well.” –A Film About Coffee

  • Black Gold

    “Black Gold offers a penetrating look into the unbalanced struggling between poor coffee farmers in Ethiopia and greedy multinational coffee companies to do fair trade.” –Anonymous Review 

  • Connected by Coffee 

    “Connected By Coffee tells the story of Latin American coffee farmers and how our daily brew is deeply connected to a troubled past and hopeful future. Following a 1000-mile journey from Mexico to Nicaragua, the film will show how equitable trading relationships are empowering communities and bringing social justice.” —Connected By Coffee 



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