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#GETMAD with Vera Rafael

Topic: Coffee Inequality

#GETMAD with Karl Wienhold

Topic: Coffee Inequality

#GETMAD with Faris Sheibani

Topic: Coffee Inequality

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  • Martin

    6 days ago

Mad Priest Gets After It!

"Mad Priest coffee makes me regret my Frappuccino phase!”"

  • Sophia

    5 days ago

Holy Taste!

“The Mad Priest has the best and holiest cold brew of all Chattanooga. They’re also the most creative with their seasonal drinks!”

  • Charlie

    10 days ago


"I've followed what the folks at Mad Priest have been doing since day one, and I could not be prouder….Great coffee. Great merch. Great message. The only thing better than their coffee is their mission. There's not a more delicious way to support a noble cause."

  • Holly

    3 days ago

Dedicated to Community

“I have been a fan of Mad Priest since the beginning. Not only is their coffee top tier, but the owners and staff as well. Their dedication to their community, and the quality of products they provide is rare this day & age. Their shit is the holy grail of coffee.”

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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I get mad?

Welcome to the 21st century, where the world is polarized and disconnected. But we have the power and resources at our fingertips to make a change. For those who are tired of feeling hopeless or cynical, let’s Get Mad with righteous indignation, and learn about the injustices in our world so that we can make a difference. 

How do the donations work?

The #GetMad Crusade is about education but it’s also about making a tangible impact. So 10% of all sales from #GetMad coffees and merch go to our partners who are doing the real, hard work to truly make change amidst incredible injustice. Check out our partnership page to learn more about each of these amazing organizations. 

Is this content worth my time?

Good question. Our #GetMad video interviews are engaging, deep, controversial, sometimes funny, and always educational. We put a ton of time into finding the leading voices on each of these six topics so that you won’t waste your time with more BS. Head to our content page now and see for yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

What's included in the secret website?

When you sign up for the #GetMad Crusade you get access to engaging interviews with leading experts around the world on hot topics like economic inequality, incarceration, and the refugee crisis. We’ve also got a secret store for you with limited edition t-shirts & merch, and exclusive, unique coffees you’ve only heard about in your dreams…tasting is believing.

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