1) What is the Mad Priest Coffee Subscription?

Our subscription program is the best way to enjoy our freshly roasted coffee with convenience! Based on your time preference, we automatically send you a fresh batch of coffee of your choice. The program is very simple and you can customize any of your options in your account through our website. Each order receives 10% off. 

With control over your plan, you can change the frequency, coffee or order date. After you create an account through our website, you can press on the 'manage subscription' button at the top left of your home screen to change your preferences. You can make changes within 48 hours of shipment, and you can cancel at any time.

2) How do I create a Coffee Subscription?

Creating a subscription is very easy! On our product page, simply choose the subscription option for the coffee you want, the delivery frequency, and then just check out! Make sure you create an account afterwards to have easy access to manage your subscription.

3) What will happen after I create a Coffee Subscription?

Once you check out and join, you will receive a couple emails, confirming your subscription and linking you to complete your account. From there you can manage your subscription, future orders, items and information.

After you choose a frequency, we will automatically place orders to that request and you will be billed once shipped. Before your order is processed or shipped, we will send you a notification email as a reminder of your upcoming subscription order.

4) How do I make changes to my Coffee Subscription deliveries?

Once you place an order and create your account, all you need to do is log in and from your account, you have complete access to cancel, change or skip an order. All modifications should be made within 48 hours of the next order.

For any questions, comments or feedback -- please reach out!