The Chronicles of Mad Priest

Journey to...Guatemala
Guatemala is the largest country in Central America and a gorgeous place with a long and turbulent history. Here's some reasons why it's so special.... WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT GUATEMALA? > It has been inhabited for 20,000 years! Long before the Spanish...
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Educate the Curious: Sumatra
COFFEE GROWING REGIONS PART THREE. 🇮🇩 This week, we're going to be learning about the 3rd and final coffee growing region... Asia-Pacific, specifically Sumatra (Indonesia).  Indonesia has 17,000 islands, more than 300 volcanoes and lots of different communities that speak more...
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2022 was a lil' crazy
💥 Top 10 of 2022 - in no particular order... Good Food Award WINNER 2022 The Get Mad Crusade - interviews, merch, resources, and the list goes on Creativity - fun with videos (sunflower shoot) merch & design  Focus on...
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Why Christian Nationalism?
So about that white Jesus… 🇺🇸 Not sure if we should laugh or cry when we see white Jesus. (No, the historical Jesus was not born in America, and he didn’t have white skin and flowing blond hair.)  So. Here it...
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