The Secret Sisters' 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Note: "But what the heck does Secret Sisters mean? Are you trying to play off Secret Santa? Or you just mean that the Sisters have a secret gift guide?" Yes to all that. Enjoy! 


* * * 


You know, so you can scroll down through all this nonsens--oops we mean silliness to the one you're looking for! 

1. For your Pentecostal friend 

2. For your Baptist friend 

3. For your Catholic friend 

4. For your Atheist friend 

5. For your Millennial friend 

6. For your Feminist friend 

7. For your IG influencer friend 

8. For your boring friend

9. For your Folder’s drinking friend 

10. For your significant other (aka the King or Queen in your life) 

11. For your parent 

12. For your little brother 

13. For your priest 

14. For your BFF 

15. For your boss

* * *

1. For your Pentecostal friend - Dark Night of the Soul Dark Roast coffee*

Because they've got lots of long, dark nights of the soul. (And they probably don't know who St. John of the Cross actually is.) Dark nights be gone! 

2. For your Baptist friend - Sloth Dispelling Breakfast Blend coffee* 

Because for all their good intentions, sloth can still be found in their midst. And sloth is one of the deadly sins apparently, so let's go ahead and help them dispel that one. 

3. For your Catholic friend - Matriarch Espresso Blend coffee* 

Because, well, they like Mary. She's pretty cool. And they've kinda got a patriarchy with the Pope and all, so let's sprinkle in a little girl-power. Here's to strong women! 

4. For your Atheist friend - Mocha Java "Highest Grade" Blend coffee 

Because they care about history and culture and geography and capitalism and...well, maybe not all that. But this coffee has quite the story behind it, and they'll probably appreciate it.

5. For your Millennial friend - Star of Wonder Winter Blend coffee**

Because they are just struggling with that #adulting life, and the holidays will be full of family drama and therapy appointments. And we just want them to experience a little bit of wonder amidst all the crazy. 

6. For your Feminist friend - Get Mad mug* 

Because they have reason to get mad. There's a lot of $#!T in this world, and women haven't always been at the table to help make decisions and fix that $#!T. Drink good coffee. Do good S#!T. 


7. For your IG influencer friend - "How it started / how it’s going" mug* 

Because they definitely probably actually have already made a #howitstarted #howitsgoing post on IG this year. So they need this mug to do another version of it. 

8. For your boring friend - Abbe Mug*

Because they like boring, basic, minimalistic, white and black things. And this is that thing. Actually, it's a pretty cool mug for being boring. 

9. For your Folder’s drinking friend - Coffee "Indulgence"

Because you just *may* need to purchase something to help get them out of crappy-coffee-drinking-purgatory, ya know. Yes, that is really a place. And you don't want them going there. 

10 For your significant other (aka the King or Queen in your life) - Yemenia! 

Because the Kings and Queens in your life deserve to be treated like the royalty that they are! Fine wine, good cheese, exquisite coffee (Yemenia)...yep that's what they deserve! Yemenia is a new coffee species that was recently discovered in Yemen, and the flavor will literally take them to paradise. 

11. For your parent - Gifts of the Magi sample coffee pack

Because they aren't basic but they kind of are. They probably like their Breakfast Blend and Dark Roast Blend, and these are the BEST blends they will ever taste. This sample pack is sure to delight! Or, at least, they'll be happy you remembered them this year. 

12. For your little brother - Not of this world tee 

Because he's a little crazy, a little fun, maybe likes Buc-ee's, maybe likes mushrooms, and definitely likes coffee. We've just checked all the boxes for you! 


13. For your priest - Dark night of the soul tee*

Because he knows who St. John of the Cross is (or, he really should) 

14. For your BFF - Matriarch tee* 

Because this is literally the coolest t-shirt you could give them for any gift, ever. Because we all can celebrate strong women a little more. Because literally every skin tone and body type looks good in dark red. 

15. For your boss - Sloth dispelling tee*

Because they already think you're weird. You might as well take it a step further and give them a coffee drinking sloth bishop thing on a t-shirt. Make sure you get them one size too big, and then tell them "yeah I know it's big, it's for sleeping in". Ok, maybe that's too weird. 


* * * 


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