Haiti | Zombie Desert
Haiti | Zombie Desert

Haiti | Zombie Desert

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Zombie Desert is back for the second year!

This Haitian Blue coffee is named after a coffee-growing mountain town in Haiti, Savane Zombie, where urban legend holds that witch doctors used to raise the dead to do their bidding. The island soil it’s grown in preserves many of the bean’s unique flavors and it’s low in acidity, creamy, smooth with an exceptional nutty taste.

Cooperative Name // Zombie Desert Cooperative (75 farmers)

Region // Ouest Department (Central Plateau)

Town // Savane Zombi

Process // Washed

Variety // Arabica Blue Mountain, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor

Altitude // 1400masl

Flavor Notes // Nutty, Buttery, Banana Bread

Roast Level // Light-Medium

So why a zombie soldier from the French revolution on this Haitian coffee label? We want to spark your interest to learn more about Haiti’s very difficult relationship with coffee, and celebrate the incredible strength & resilience of the Haitian people. In 1804, Haiti, the world’s first Black republic and only country born of a successful slave revolution, won its independence from France. But until the revolution began in 1791, Haiti actually produced 50% of the world’s coffee through the extreme exploitation and systematic violence of slavery. Simply put, we can’t fully appreciate the history of coffee without an appreciation and understanding of coffee’s origins in Haiti.

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Tucker Sorrells

Haiti | Zombie Desert

Richard Futrell
Love this Coffee!

I love Mad Priest! I picked up several different bags for holiday gifts and all reports are positive - the coffee is excellent and the branding is so cool and very fun.

Haiti Zombie Desert

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee! I have been partial to the Matriarch, espresso blend, but this is my new favorite. It's so smooth and delicious. I bought 3 more bags to keep on hand! I hope this never goes away!

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