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Single-Origin Mixed Subscription (Two Bags)
Single-Origin Mixed Subscription (Two Bags)

Single-Origin Mixed Subscription (Two Bags)


Love trying new coffees? With this hassle free subscription plan you receive two 12oz bags of our freshest rotating single-origin coffees. This plan is constantly changing and will rotate with our single-origin selections. Occasionally we will substitute one 12oz bag for an 8oz micro-lot we have, just so you can try it! This is a great plan for someone who simply wants a fresh box of coffee on their doorstep at their choice of frequency.

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Exclusive Content

Private, curated content (links to unlisted videos just for “The Way” with brewing, behind the scenes, and more. Oh and how about learning more about the culture of these coffee-producing anyone?)

Early Access

Early access to coffees before the rest of our customers! (Single origin subscribers only) Also, early access to other things like products, deals and more.

Only .70¢ per cup!

Think about it... only .70¢ a cup (12oz) for good quality covfefe, sorry, we mean coffee! Quality coffee roasted by a business who gives a shit, for only .70¢ a cup -- Amen.

Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

Okay, TBH, this was in the template we used to make this page and thought it was equally hilarious and full of shit... but hey, harness them baby! Harness those dreams!! But you're gonna need coffee first.

Subscription Features

Don't worry about where you need to go get coffee... we'll ship right to your front door no matter where you are! Even if you live in a Trump Tower!

Single Origin Two Bag Subscriber

"I find the taste of the Mad Priest coffee we get to be the best I have found yet, and I like the varieties we have received. I also appreciate being able to do the subscription - we automatically get the coffee we want to drink. Thanks for making it so easy for us."


Holy grail guarantee | 100% money back guarantee

Do yourself a favor and get a subscription. You won't regret it. "Just Do It" (as the check mark gods say). Stop looking for the grail in all the wrong places. We've found it for you and want to share it with you. If you're going to drink coffee, why not make sure it's good coffee? Your guardian angel will thank you. But for real, if you aren't happy with your coffee, we will give you a 100% refund.