The #GETMAD Crusade is LIVE!

The #GETMAD Crusade is LIVE!

GET MAD. ☕⁠ 

GET MAD as in crazy because you've had a little too much [good] coffee.

GET MAD as in righteously indignant about the injustice in our world.



Why Get Mad?

Welcome to 2022, where the world is polarized and disconnected. But we have the power and resources at our fingertips to make a change. For those who are tired of feeling hopeless or cynical, let’s Get Mad and learn about the injustices in our world so that we can make a difference.

What is the Get Mad Crusade?

The #GetMad Crusade is a six month educational conversation hosted by Mad Priest Coffee Roasters. Each month we will focus on a current topic to Get Mad about surrounding injustice in our world. Our goal is to cultivate curiosity and understanding by exploring these difficult, nuanced issues with experts in each field. Journey with us as we learn to walk in empathy, pursue justice, and play a small part in creating a better, more curious world.

About Mad Priest Coffee Roasters…

To curious people who are sick of the bland, corporate, heretical coffee experience, Mad Priest Coffee Roasters is the unconventional, creative, sacred coffee choice. While we may be irreverent, we always take our coffee and our mission seriously. That’s because we are mad about injustice, especially societal inequality...and bad coffee. 

 Mad Priest was started in 2015 as a small-batch specialty coffee roasting company + social enterprise, and has won numerous awards in the coffee industry, including Food & Wine’s “Best Coffee in Every State”, 2 Golden Bean medals, and a Good Food Award. Learn more about our story here.

Get mad about injustice, like societal inequality…and bad coffee. Get Mad Priest Coffee.

Wanna learn more about the Crusade and/or Join the Madness? CLICK HERE NOW.

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