Forbidden Fruit | Rwanda | Akagera Urubyiruko Natural
Forbidden Fruit | Rwanda | Akagera Urubyiruko Natural
Forbidden Fruit | Rwanda | Akagera Urubyiruko Natural

Forbidden Fruit | Rwanda | Akagera Urubyiruko Natural

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Come and taste,

Take a bite (errr...or a sip). 

Experience the magic.

Eve isn’t to blame,

And neither are you. 

The forbidden fruit is oh-so-sweet. Do you desire knowledge?

This caffeinated glory is yours for the taking. So, partake.

Producer // 28 Farmers in the Urubyiruko (meaning youth) grower group at the Akagera Station.

Region // Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province

Process // Natural, dried on raised beds for 36 days

Altitude // 1600-1900masl

Flavor Notes // Pineapple, Golden Raisin, Caramel

Roast Level // Light

We are so excited to bring you this delicious Rwanda natural-processed coffee from Baho Coffee, a family run specialty coffee export company that does impressive social work, imported by Sundog Trading Co.

From Emmanuel Rusatira of Baho: "With more than 15 years of experience in the Rwandan specialty coffee industry, we, as the Rusatira family, found the opportunity to set up our own four coffee washing stations. The location and specific management of each station shows itself in unique flavour profiles. We developed our own grading system and are continuously experimenting with washed, honey, and natural processed coffee. All year round we work together with coffee producers to support them both on the field and financially. This is to produce the best coffee cherries of the region and boost quality, year after year.

⁠⁠All our attention goes to selection, depulping, fermentation, washing, drying, storage, and continuous quality control. We believe coffee talks. Cleanliness, mouthfeel, aroma, sweetness, acidity, tasting notes - all come to the⁠ surface in the cup. Listening to our coffees and sharing their conversation is our main goal. That is why we want each other (in the coffee industry), grow together, and make a difference in coffee culture and beyond!"

Customer Reviews

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They've done it again. Another spectacular roast from all of the fine people at Mad Priest.

Ed McEntire
Great coffee

The taste and freshness of Mad Priest has always been one of my favorites! It’s unparalleled!

Topher Kersting
Perfectly roasted ethically sourced coffee

I have purchased coffee from Mad Priest before, but this was my first whole bean purchase. I'm far from a coffee expert, but this ticked all of my boxes, and makes excellent espresso. Being able to read about the growers online is a bonus, knowing that I am supporting both a local small business and a Rwandan organization doing things right.

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